As a furniture manufacturer, we therefore must design furniture to be more intelligent than ever. With now! spin, hülsta links design and function: Rotating units are the core pieces of the new collection. They provide exceptional fl exibility for everyday life. A few easy steps turn a stylish chest into a home o ce or a dining table into a conference table. The night consoles also o er intelligent features: They can be turned and are equipped with a stylish tablet bracket, thus enabling you to watch TV or listen to music in bed.

now! spin Wohnwand in Europäischer Ahorn und weiß mit Hängeelement
now! spin Diele in Eiche Natura + Sitzmodul in grau
now! spin Wohnwand in Eiche Natura mit weißen Elementen
now! spin Wohnwand mit Vitrine in Eiche Natura und weiß

The now! spin collection o ers solid wood units in maple and natural oak that are combined with lacquered surfaces in grey and white. Clean and simple lines have a calming impact, especially with suspended units.

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Visions can change the world! now! vision, a range featuring a wide selection of versatile designs, allows you to do just that in your own home. Shelving systems and bar units, stand-alone pieces or the ”slideboard“ are flexible and open to change. Push-to-opentechnology makes now! vision handle-less – thus delivering the simple design of a future all-rounder. The fronts are available in classic lacquers plus accents in petrol, teal blue and old rose as well as elegant core walnut and natural oak veneers.

now! vision dining room sideboard and glass cabinet in white and natural oak
now! vision sideboards in grey lacquer with open compartment in core walnut
now! vision living room in white + suspended unit with glass cabinet
now! vision living room combination and coffee table in white and core walnut
now! vision living room combination in grey lacquer, open compartments in white + core walnut
now! vision living room in white with elements in natural oak
now! vision living and bed room in white, accents in natural oak
now! vision sideboard in white and natural oak
now! vision shelf in white, doors in white, rear walls in natural oak
now! vision shelf with integrated desk to swing out
now! vision shelf with integrated desk, swinged out
now! vision home office with desk and mag in white lacquer
now! vision shelf in white lacquer with now! mag
now! vision desk with shelf in white lacquer
Logo now! Vision by hülsta

now! vision is endearingly original: You can arrange the units and accents freely or create some fine classics – all these precious units remain easy to combine.

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