With distinctive units, TETRIM adds clean and simple lines to the bedroom. The bed is perfectly  integrated between lacquered and wooden units: either in a classic al design on legs or with a central arched support underneath the lying surface, plus adjustable headboards or a comfortable bolster. The characteristic L-shaped TETRIM compartment provides subtle lighting when used as a shelving unit, sideboard or high light within the wardrobe. TETRIM offers different colour worlds depending upon the preferred ambience: cool with European maple, in ice blue and pure white or warm in natural oak with surfaces in Bordeaux red, silk grey and grey.

Brochure (PDF)

hulsta Tetrim bed in grey with grey upholstered cushion
Grey hulsta Tetrim bed + upholstered chushion and open, lit consoles
White hulsta Tetrim bedroom, wardrobe with Design unit
White hulsta Tetrim bedroom and light blue chests