now! for you: have a look at the YouTube video.

now! easy: have a look at the YouTube video.


Everything is nice and tidy in the living room!

The utterly minimalist now! for you design takes a pure, simplistic approach - aliberating experience. With only eleven different units, you can design a lowboard, chest or wall-mounted cupboard; accent cubesand acrylic glass units create small glass cabinets. Bed, wardrobe and coffee table complement this range.

Nothing is fixed: Each unit comes with a wall-mounting bracket, allowing you to freely decide, whether it should be freestanding, wall-mounted or stacked.

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Create a living world exactly as you like it!

From bathroom cupboard to living room combination and from hallway to home office,everything is possible - the pretty now! easy units allow you to design any room. Wall-mount, stack, rearrange? Easy! The pure whitemodular units are complemented by colourful accents in elegant pastel colours and striking dark colour shades.

As if they were made for one another: Simply combine now! easy with a now! basic bed and wardrobe to add ample storage and a relaxed atmosphere to the new sleeping experience. Intermediate modular units give the front of the spacious wardrobe a light and airy feel – totally easy, of course.

Beautifully bright or elegantly dark? Two colour worlds help you with the selection of the now! easy accents – shown here: the perfect combination of subtle pastel shades with elegant natural oak.

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A beaming mobile mini among the birdies!

The tame chick of the design family is the little darling of the flock and a true highlight: Cable-less, the mini birdy lights up a beach pick-nick or rendezvous, good-night story or disco time – or all of them one after the other, because the little chick, made from sturdy plastic, glows for up to 5 hours, even when set to the brightest white level. It is brightly lit in neutral white and can be dimmed to a friendly 60% or comfortable 30% performance. It can also glow in colour: The portable lit bird immerses its surroundings in atmospheric light – in red, orange, yellow, green blue, indigo or violet.

If required, the mini birdy shows all the shades of a rainbow in a subtle change of colours. It is charged with the enclosed USB cable: After approx. 4 – 5 hours, it is ready to be used again!

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Zu Patchworkfamilien, bunten Biografien und wechselnden Karrieren passen flexible, individuelle und multifunktionale neue Möbelkonzepte. now! to go beflügelt mit geradliniger Formensprache und unendlichen Einsatzmöglichkeiten die Fantasie.

now! to go - easy planning

If you want to be spontaneously creative and planning “now! to go“ is all part of looking forward to owning it, then we have a practical “planning playground“ for you: Simply use the embossed paper units and try out how it will work best for you and your home. Enjoy designing!

Have a look at the video with Alex and Pia.