Expressive furniture for your living room.

hülsta living room furniture offers attractive combinations and elegant single pieces. The selection ranges from tailored shelving combinations to stylish glass cabinets, sideboards and contemporary coffee tables. Solid wood creates a particularly beautiful atmosphere and convinces with outstanding quality.


For the design of Madera, we focused on graceful finesse: Slim material thicknesses and fine joints create an elegant impact. Elegant single units provide sophisticated combinations. Madera is made from oak, European maple or core walnut, which can be combined with high-quality lacquer in quartz and anthracite. Decorative glass units add the perfect finishing touch.


NURIA stands for freedom of design and balanced combinations. All of the units – shelving system  and modular unit, sideboard, highboard and glass cabinet – feature clean and simple lines, a subtle energy and elegant surfaces to create a calm overall feel.

Different heights, two depths and the flexible side panel system allow tailor-made configurations. A compact work space can be elegantly integrated into the shelving system. If you want to design your living room combination yourself and include your favourite colours, then NURIA is the perfect choice: In addition to two wood finishes and 18 basic colours, the Natural-Colour-System provides any colour.


Concrete grey meets planked oak, elegant glass cabinet meets solid sideboard, style meets functionality. By mixing apparent contrasts, FENA proves how well very different yet original materials can be combined in a balanced design.

From lowboard to highboard, FENA strikes both a traditional and futuristic note. The emphasis on horizontal lines adds calmness, the squares in symmetry have a balancing effect. The glass cabinet works perfectly as a smart ROTARY BAR, and the TV-unit with monolithic centre section harmoniously integrates large flat screens into the living room.


Solid wood furniture such as VEDUA creates a special atmosphere: distinguished and cosy in a traditional way. VEDUA translates the calming effect of the organic materials into a contemporary living concept that convinces with its clean lines and exceptional craftsmanship. It teams up the strong character of the  solid wood with the elegant expression of softly shaped glass units.

VEDUA shows how to beautifully link living and dining rooms. Designed as a single unit range, it can feature just a single piece or a combination of selected pieces from coffee table to highboard. Wall-mounted lowboard, glass cabinets and highboards can be combined with freestanding units to create an impressive living world.


Extravagant combinations and expressive soloists from  GENTIS make a stunning statement in the living room. Choose a pure design or an extravagant mix of elegant lacquer and angular knotted wood. The living room range focuses on a minimalist look, combined with natural wood and high-quality leather.

A large sideboard as a monumental TV-unit, an elegant glass cabinet to house a private exhibition, a floating lowboard as a functional art object – the designer pieces from GENTIS are linked by their modern style and the possibility to give them a fascinatingly light feel using clever LED lighting. The high-gloss chrome designer frames of the lowboards and sideboards make the units stand out as striking single units.Coloured saddle or Nappa leather covered surfaces are available as particularly unusual accent finishes.


The unusual lounge chair is not only an optical highlight. Its adjustable collar is a true quick-change artist, offering exactly what’s needed at any time. As a companion in everyday life, it is low and open in communicative situations and adapts to its surroundings; when the collar is “up“, it offers protection, calmness and comfort. The hidden rotary function within the leg also helps with easy positioning.

A matching stool offers extra storage. ”CUELLO is a true eyecatcher and has a high recognition value”, says Ballendat. A design after all that – with its unusual look – fits well into the new hülsta portfolio and has been awarded the ”ICONIC AWARDS 2017 Selection“ by the German Design Council.


One of MEGA-DESIGN's strengths is its flexibility. If you prefer a perfectly fitted shelving system, you will love MEGA-DESIGN. The living room range is a classic, if you are looking for a living room combination or a shelving system that will stand up to the highest expectations both in terms of style and functionality. Literature meets media culture, lacquer meets wood and interior design meets room architecture.

This designer range stands for much more than taillor-made shelving systems in living rooms and libraries, it is also extremely flexible: Combinations of open and closed units in lacquer, natural oak, core walnut and rear-lacquered glass, TV-panels and pull-out compartments produce highly individual living room combinations in terms of style and function. It effortlessly integrated large TV-units or conceals them behind smoothly running sliding doors. MEGA-DESIGN is open for everything.


XELO stands for flexible living. its versatility allows the range to find unmistakeable solutions for every area of the home: Living rooms, dining rooms or hallway. Modern functional units such as the media lowboard or media panel play a major role. The designer range combines versatile single units with system furniture that can be easily individualised, thus delivering living room combinations to suit personal requirements.  Light-heartedness is a key feature if mainly wall-mounted units are chosen.

XELO lowboards or sideboards are available in different versions: with wooden and glass doors, drawers, wooden and glass flaps, synchronous sliding doors or open fronts. Genuine wood such as vibrant natural oak and distinctive core walnut provide colour contrasts that are easy to combine. XELO offers a convincing solutions for the integration of media: Cosiness and technology perfectly complement each other.


TAMETA is both, a stylish design concept and a clever furniture system. Uncomplicated and convincing, it offers versatility to provide balanced ensembles as well as ample storage space – whilst retaining an elegant look. It works just as well as a living room combination as it does as a single unit in living rooms, dining rooms or hallways. There are plenty of front design possibilities with an optional mix of matt lacquer, warm wood shades and light-hearted glass fronts in different finishes.

TAMETA is easy – and easy to plan: Open units include the wall space within the design. Wall-mounted units give a light and airy effect, as do the fully or partially rear-lacquered glass fronts. TAMETA achieves perfect integration of  technology with units that are tailor-made for use with modern media. A Teufel sound system has been exclusively developed for hülsta.


A simplistic approach is typical for NEO. The design features handle-less fronts and clean lines. It effortlessly adapts to any lifestyle, taste and interior design. The wide choice of units makes individual planning particularly easy. In terms of style, NEO covers a wide spectrum: The balanced clarity created by NEO sits well with minimalist interior design trends as well as opulent architectures.

NEO offers many units – lowboards, sideboards and modular units in different sizes that can be freestanding, stacked or wall-mounted. A side panel system and panels complement the wide choice of NEO elements. Units remain open or can be fitted with doors, flaps or drawers. NEO is available in lacquer, high-gloss lacquer and warm wood shades. Panels and lowboards, especially designed for media, can be optionally fitted with a Teufel sound system that has been exclusively developed for hülsta and delivers an excellent sound experience whilst the technology remains invisible.


SCOPIA is uncomplicated, simplistic and versatile. It enhances the living and dining room without dominating the space – subtle whillst creating a big impact. Simple yet elegant, the two-shell design of the carcase offers almost endless combinations of colour, lacquer and wood surfaces. Even to non-experts, the first class craftsmanship of SCOPIA is more than obvious. Modern and easy to configure, the single unit system consisting of shelving, lowboards, sideboards, highboards and glass cabinets will suit every requirement.

Open and closed units can be planned to suit your personal taste: Freestanding, wall-mounted and very flexible due to its many sizes, SCOPIA perfectly fits into any interior design style. An excellent sound system and innovative solutions for indirect, dimmable lighting create a beautiful atmosphere. Handle-less opening mechanisms, surfaces in lacquer and cosily warm genuine wood veneers perfectly integrate SCOPIA into the living area. There is a choice of attractive single units and light, playful wall-mounted combinations. A further highlight is the Teufel sound system that - integrated into the media lowboards - is exclusively available from hülsta.


The ancillary unit range MULTI-VARIS is an expert for chests, sideboards and consoles, featuring an elegant design and offering a vast choice. High-quality finishes in wood, lacquer and high-gloss form the basis for tailor-made ancillary units: Carcase, fronts, covers surfaces, open compartments, handles, plinths and accents - each component can be individually chosen.

Its wealth of units, sizes, colours and materials allows  MULTI-VARIS to individually adapt to the style and architecture of a room. As an elegant single piece, a MULTI-VARIS unit with a high-gloss carcase has a radiant effect. Using selected veneers from light brown ash, natural oak, structured beech or core walnut, it will create an invitingly warm atmosphere - wood and lacquer combined have a contemporary and striking impact.

Coffee tables

Coffee tables are for leisure time, they are a perfect partner for nice chats, tranquility and relaxation. However, a coffee table is certainly not just a supporting act, in the living room it is often the focal point, both in terms of design and functionality. As an extravagant designer piece, the coffee table catches the eye and can display decorative items or store objects for daily use.

Functional piece of furniture or sculpture? Glass or wood, lacquer or metal, closed cube or designer object with several levels, transparent or very solid - whatever model matches your personal style and the interiors, the alleged small coffee table can have a big impact on your interiors.


hülsta makes the office homely – and very well structured. HOMEOFFICE perfectly combines practical functions, flexible concepts for desks and high-quality mobile containers with stylish storage solutions. The  hülsta HOMEOFFICE design is notable for its simplicity: The clean and simple lines give the work space a structured ambience that makes concentrated working easy. The hülsta HOMEOFFICE collection is characterised by straight lines, plain designs and the focus on functionality.

Every desk is different: The various units of the collection in numerous sizes and functions also allow combinations across corners, which make perfect use of the available space. Single, team and group work spaces can be easily planned with HOMEOFFICE. The desks can be positioned anywhere in the room, on the wall or in a corner. Everything imaginable is therefore possible.


NeXo has been designed as the perfect combination of urban living and total enjoyment of modern media. As a sound expert in the living room, it offers perfectionists a contemporary design for TV-units of the latest generation: Sound units delivering excellent sound quality are complemented by NeXo suspended units that can be individually arranged on the wall.

The renownded HiFi manufacturer Teufel has developed an exclusive sound system featuring 3.1-technology for the NeXo media lowboard. Satellite speakers installed at a specific angle ensure that the sound is targeted at head height. The subwoofer is mounted in such a way that it prevents the transfer of any vibrations onto the lowboard, which features a fabric-covered flap. Furthermore, the NeXo sound system featuring especially developed high-end amplifiers, OSD menu and all important interfaces ensures excellent sound quality and exceptional user comfort.