Bedroom furniture that creates a restful atmosphere.

Individually selected base frames and mattresses ensure perfect lying properties, an ideal sleeping climate and relaxed lounging on upholstered and Boxspring beds. Our attractive bedroom ranges deliver practical storage space. If required, simply combine them with ancillary units from MULTI-VARIS or a wardrobe from the MULTI-FORMA II wardrobe system.


With distinctive units, TETRIM adds clean and simple lines to the bedroom. The bed is perfectly  integrated between lacquered and wooden units: either in a classic al design on legs or with a central arched support underneath the lying surface, plus adjustable headboards or a comfortable bolster. The characteristic L-shaped TETRIM compartment provides subtle lighting when used as a shelving unit, sideboard or high light within the wardrobe. TETRIM offers different colour worlds depending upon the preferred ambience: cool with European maple, in ice blue and pure white or warm in natural oak with surfaces in Bordeaux red, silk grey and grey.


The intricate bed frame accommodates a base frame and a Boxspring box in such a way that they do not dominate the room visually. There are two headboards, one in wood and one with cosy upholstery, to go with the finely processed „Italian“ frame, which is available on its own in the form of a day bed.

Consoles and chests highlight the form of the bed in an harmonious and intricate design. The hovering insertable shelves provide storage space, and this is enhanced by the chests and consoles behind the non-symmetrical yet well-balanced fronts of wood and lacquer.

Cover of the hulsta brochure Madera- sleeping
hulsta Madera bedroom in core walnut natura
hulsta Madera bedroom in oak natura with fronts in quartz structured lacquer
hulsta Madera bedroom in european maple, fronts in quartz structured lacquer
hulsta Madera bedroom in european maple, fronts in quartz structured lacquer


Generous, comfortable and clean-lined, GENTIS creates and exciting yet relaxing look in the bedroom: The bed and wardrobe are both spacious and sophisticated. Natural solid wood, elegant fronts in lacquer and high-gloss lacquer and soft leather are distinctive features of the range. 

The plain wardrobes with individual interiors feature intermediary units, which are made from 5-layer wood, look like solid wood and convince not only with their authentic look but also with their consistently good material properties. These wooden inserts also provide storage space in large drawers. Elements made from wood, lacquer and upholstered leather can be individually combined to design a bed that perfectly suits your personal taste for sleeping and relaxing.

Cover of the hulsta brochure Gentis- Sleeping
hulsta Gentis bedroom with bed in knotted core walnut and Nappa leather grey
hulsta Gentis bedroom with wardrobe and wall units in high-gloss grey lacquer
Close-up of hulsta Gentis bed with footboard in Nappa leather grey and knotted core walnut
hulsta Gentis wardrobe in high-gloss grey lacquer, drawers in knotted core walnut


Breakfast in bed, reading the last pages of a fantastic thriller or falling asleep with the scent of fresh linen ... A bed is probably the most beautiful place for relaxation and certainly for restful sleep. Dou you like to wake up from sweet dreams to happily turn over again or do you jump out of bed refreshed to greet the new day - what do you prefer? Our Boxspring beds offer outstanding lying comfort for everyone, our matrix system provides endless possibilities.

The barely perceptible micro-swinging properties created by the sumptuos yet perfectly balanced extra springing of the Boxspring box gently rock you to sleep. It is not just a dream that everything is possible: A huge choice of shapes, sizes and colours allows you to design the right solution for you. Visit your hülsta dealer to experience this wonderful lying feeling.

BF 400
BF 400
BF 410
BF 430
BS 140
BS 110
BC 300

BF 430
BC 260
BF 440
BF 410
BF 410
BF 400
BF 400
BS 140


Stay in bed and hang onto your dreams – FENA offers a relaxed and informal feel for the room: The design combines different materials in a clear structure of subtle lines. Bed, console and wardrobe in pure white or concrete grey lacquer and natural planked oak create a seamless look. Upholstered straight or angled headboards featuring artificial leather in three shades complement the design.  

The wardrobe with interior fittings is optionally available with a special highlight: Semi-transparent doors made from satinized glass offer a view of the inside of the wardrobe and give the wardrobe front a light and airy feel. In addition to the wardrobe system featuring the endless add-on principle, intermediary units and a matching chest provide further storage.

Cover of the hulsta brochure Fena- Sleeping
hulsta Fena bedroom, white furniture, headboard with upholstered roll in grey
hulsta Fena bedroom, white furniture with grey accents
hulsta Fena bedroom, white wardrobe + grey accents and open compartments
hulsta Fena Sleeping bed + upholstered headboard, funiture in planked oak
hulsta Fena bed softly rounded and wardrobe in planked oak
hulsta Fena wardrobe in planked oak, intermediate unit in grey + open compartment
hulsta Fena bedroom with wardrobe and bed in planked oak


Straight, clean silhouettes in combination with soft rounded shapes are distinctive features of the design and there is a wealth of units and materials: LUNIS is the perfect choice if you love a wide scope of possibilities for planning your new bedroom. LUNIS can be designed to be as individual as you want your private haven to be – elegant chest with a seemingly floating bed with headboard panel, pedestal with suspended console, all of them create a unified look.

The comfortable upholstered bed is available in many fabrics from the hülsta collection, a mix of elegant lacquer and precious wood adds striking accents to any storage unit. Warm natural oak, distinctive dark stained oak or dark core walnut in combination with lacquer and high-gloss lacquer deliver a refined statement. Maybe add a matching dressing table?

Cover of the hulsta brochure Lunis- Sleeping
hulsta Lunis bedroom bed + upholstered headboard in taupe
hulsta Lunis bed + upholstered headboard in taupe, furniture in dark stained oak
hulsta Lunis bed with profiled headboard + furniture in white and core walnut


The name reflects the benefits of the range: The innovative wardrobe system MULTI-FORMA II is particularly versatile and offers interiors to exactly fit your requirements and your home. Numerous front designs and unique intermeidary units make MULTI-FORMA II both extraordinary and exclusive. Wardrobe units with hinged and folding doors as well as a bedroom wardrobe with TV compartment and a large sliding door wardrobe are all part of the range.

MULTI-FORMA II is a multi-talent that can be combined with every bedroom range from hülsta and virtually any interior design style. As a smart concept for a walk-in wardrobe, a room system, which offers all of the advanatages of a classic carcase system in terms of planning, finishes and bespoke productions, complements the range. Its front system is just as suitable for small recess solutions as for large dressing rooms.

Katalogtitelbild des Programms Multi-forma 2 von hülsta
Weiße hohe Schrankwand über Eck von Multi-forma von hülsta
hülsta Multi-Forma Schiebetürenschrank in weiß, Mitte mit Holzapplikation
hülsta Multi-Forma Schrank in Hochglanz-weiß mit Jalousiefach
hülsta Multi-Forma Schiebetürenschrank in Hochglanz-weiß, Akzente in Natureiche
hülsta Multi-Forma Schiebetürenschrank in weiß, Mitte in Natureiche
hülsta Multi-Forma Schrank in weiß mit Spiegelfront
hülsta Multi-Forma Eckschrank in Lack-sand mit Schubladen


Outstanding comfort: Upholstered beds are true oases of well-being. SERA offers all-round upholstered beds, which – in combination with the high-quality baseframes and mattresses from the hülsta sleeping system – promise restful sleep. SERA is not just perfect for sweet dreams, it also offers plenty of comfort for relaxation.

Upholstered headboards in different designs and sumptuously soft, durable cover frabrics invite you to lean back and enjoy a good book. SERA effortlessly matches all of the hülsta ranges – this is also due to the large selection of colours within the hülsta fabric collection. Elegant fillets and panels for the headboard add accents in light brown ash, structured beech, natural oak, dark stained oak or core walnut that match the side table and selected legs.

Cover of the hulsta brochure Sera- Sleeping
hulsta Sera upholstered bed with raised seam in grey- brown
hulsta Sera upholstered bed with grey cover fabric, ancillary units in grey + core walnut
hulsta Sera upholstered bed in yellow with headboard panel in core walnut
hulsta Sera bedroom with blue upholstered bed + functional headboard

METIS plus

METIS plus stands out because of its vibrant high-gloss finish that can be optionally combined with natural oak or elegant walnut. This light-hearted design not only convinces with its uni-coloured configurations, in a mix of colours with the accent finish violet high-gloss lacquer, METIS plus also exudes charm and sophistication.  

In addition to the large sliding door wardrobes. METIS plus offers hinged and folding door wardrobes with optional intermediary units in wood or a mirrored finish. They not only make a striking visual impact but units such as the TV compartment or lit glass cabinet section also add clever functionality to the bedroom. Consoles, chests and multi-functional chests that can be wall-mounted or freestanding are both stunning and practical.

Cover of the hulsta brochure Metis plus
hulsta Metis plus bedroom with bed in high-gloss sand + violet accents
hulsta Metis plus bed with neck cushions in white, chest in high-gloss violet
hulsta Metis plus chest + wardrobe in high-gloss grey, accents in core walnut
hulsta Metis plus bed in core walnut, headboard covered in black leather
hulsta Metis plus bed covered in black-brown leather + white chests
hulsta Metis plus bed covered in yellow-green fabric + upholstered headboard


Versatility for the bedroom: The extensive ancillary unit range MULTI-VARIS impresses with a large selection of high-quality finishes in wood, lacquer and high-gloss. Carcases, fronts, compartments, handles, plinths and accents can be individually chosen to configure chests, sideboards or consoles, which can be used both as and single piece or to match other hülsta ranges.

Freestanding or wall-mounted? Many consoles and chests can also be wall-mounted. A wooden or rear-lacquered glass cover surface is not only easy to care for but also an eye-catcher. Ten handle versions and twelve different front versions do not make it easy to choose a console or chest, but they certainly make it fun.

Cover of the hulsta brochure Multi- Varis
hulsta Multi-Varis wall chest + wardrobe in white, accents in natural oak
hulsta Multi-Varis chest in grey lacquer, open compartment in core walnut
White dressing chest with mirror by Multi-Varis, chair D 5 in core walnut by hulsta
hulsta Multi-Varis wall chest + wardrobe in white, accents in natural oak


Mit MULTI-BED stehen gleich mehrere Modelle im Raum: vier verschiedene Bettkopfteile – leicht geschwungene Holzvarianten und weiche Polsterausführungen in diversen Formaten und zweierlei Höhen. Auf die gewünschte Höhe helfen wahlweise ein Bettkasten mit üppigem, leicht zugänglichem Stauraum, eine elegante Bettkufe oder klassische Metallfüße. Bei einer Komfortliegehöhe von 50 cm lässt man sich nicht ins Bett fallen, man gleitet hinein.


MULTI-VIDRE bringt mit vielgestaltigen Beimöbeln Wohnzimmerflair ins Schlafzimmer. Die Kombinationsfreudigkeit von Kommoden und Co. ist dank konsistent geplanter Formen und Materialien innerhalb der MULTI-Serie (und sogar über sie hinaus) grenzenlos. Kommode oder Nachttisch, Stauraumelement oder stilvolle Designvitrine – Einzelmöbel arrangieren oder an eine hülsta Linie anpassen? Alles ist möglich.